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One Bay Oak Garages

Oak frame garage kits that make attractive additions to any home or outside space, available at trade prices. Constructed entirely from high quality oak. Featuring tradition oak pegs and thick timbers, our self-build oak frame garage kits are durable, reliable and cost-effective.

Cut to order, and delivered straight to site, our one bay oak garages are available in a variety of configurations, including full hip, catslide and gable end.

Also available in two-bay, three-bay and bespoke designs to perfectly suit your needs on site.

Full Hip One Bay Garage

Full Hip

A single bay garage crafted from 100% European green oak in a full hip style. Precision engineered and easy to assemble on site.

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Full Hip & Catslide One Bay Garage

Full Hip & Catslide

A single bay garage crafted from 100% European green oak in a full hip style with a rear catslide roof allowing for greater depth without increasing building height.

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Gable End One Bay Garage

Gable End

A single bay garage crafted from 100% European green oak in a higher gable end style. Expertly crafted to ensure stress-free self-assembly.

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Gable End & Catslide One Bay Garage

Gable End & Catslide

A single bay garage crafted from 100% European green oak in a higher gable end style with the extra depth of the rear catslide roof.

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Barn Hip One Bay Garage

Barn Hip

A 100% European Green oak building kit for a one bay garage with a barn hip roof style.

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Barn Hip & Catslide One Bay Garage

Barn Hip & Catslide

A 100% European Green oak building kit for a one bay garage with a barn hip roof style, complete with a rear catslide roof.

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For that perfect, tailor-made fit, work together with our expert design team to create your own bespoke one bay oak garage kit.

The Case for the One Bay Oak Garage From Trade Oak

Building a one bay oak garage is no small project. There’s the design to consider, budgeting, materials and where to get them, and you will need a competent, trustworthy contractor on your side to build it. In addition, you will in all likelihood need planning permission before you start doing any work on-site, and that in itself can be a Byzantine process that can take 6 weeks or more.

With so many things to consider you would have to agree that it’s in your interest to simplify the process as much as possible. And this is where our 1 bay oak garage kit enters the picture. No one produces more compelling, durable and - perhaps surprisingly - more affordable one bay oak framed garages than Trade Oak Building Kits. 

That part about affordability takes a lot of people by surprise because solid French green oak is not cheap. What they don’t know is that we purchase our beautiful, durable green oak in enormous quantities from sustainably managed forests in Europe which enables us to get a preferred price not available to their contractor.

A One Bay Oak Garage Kit That’s a Cut Above

When you choose a 1 bay oak garage from Trade Oak Building Kits you’re choosing more than just affordability. You’re also choosing: 

  1. Precision engineering - Each component of each Trade Oak garage kit is cut to an outrageous degree of precision by our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. In addition, we don’t cut hundreds of beams and joists ahead of time and let them sit around the shop for weeks or months at a time. Instead, we cut the components for each order as soon as the order has cleared. The end result is that the pieces of your single bay oak garage puzzle fit together with the precision of a Swiss watch.
  2. High-quality materials - Each and every one of the beams, joists and other components of your garage kit is precision engineered. But more than that they're precision engineered using the highest quality French green oak. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that if properly cared for your one bay oak garage will last centuries. That's right: centuries.
  3. Customisation - Finally, let’s say a few words about customisation. You may be buying an oak garage kit but from the frame outward you have full control over the final appearance of your garage. No other garage kit provides you with such astonishing design versatility.

What our customers say

Phenomenal product and service I cannot recommend Trade Oak Building Kits highly enough. From start to finish they have been extremely helpful and the quality of our barn is phenomenal.

Honestly, What a super service they deliver, Both of my bespoke items were delivered on the dot, I will definitely be using them again

Fantastic service James & Edward were incredibly helpful after another company had let me down. (...) I cannot recommend Trade Oak Building too highly!

I'd like to thank Trade Oak for an impeccable service from start to finish. (...) Next time I need an Oak Frame, I will be calling Trade Oak.

From the first point of contact everyone at Trust Oak has been very helpful and the finished product is just what we wanted. (...) I would highly recommend Trade Oak.

After looking to purchase an oak porch I came across Trade Oak frames, who from the start exceeded my expectations with there professional approach to the detail and design of my new Oak Porch.