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Oak Garage with Log Store

Chances are if you are contemplating a new detached garage for your property you don’t live in the centre of London. Rather, you live somewhere farther afield. If you live far enough afield you may also be allowed to have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, the kind that is not permitted in central London because most of the capital is a smoke control area. If you're in the market for a new garage and you have a working fireplace why not try an oak garage with a log store from Trade Oak Building Kits? It's the two-in-one solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and eminently practical.

oak garage log store

Lean To-Kits

Simple design of oak framed structure that stands against (or leans to) an existing building and provides an extra space that can be covered or left open and even have plants added.

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log store oak garage

One Bay Garages

Oak framed one-bay garage kits, compact and easy to assemble. Designed to suit the needs of any space. Available in a variety of configurations to suit.

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oak framed garages with log store

Two Bay Garages

Oak framed garages with space for the efficient storage of up to two vehicles. Available in a variety of designs compatible with on-site needs.

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oak garages with log store

Three Bay Garages

Oak framed garages with three full bays for vehicles or other storage and workshop purposes. Available in a variety of configurations to suit.

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Bespoke Oak Framed Garage with Log Store

For that perfect, tailor-made fit, work together with our expert design team to create your own bespoke Oak Framed Garage Kit with Log Store.

The Versatility of Oak Garages from Trade Oak

One of the trademarks of our green oak garage kits is their incredible versatility. When finished they more closely resemble a bespoke garage designed and built specifically for your property, than something that came from a kit. 

You have your choice of 1, 2 or 3 bays and 1 or 2 storeys, and in each case, you choose the roof style, roofing material, siding, downspouts and gutters, windows and garage doors, as well as any decorative touches you wish to add. If you choose one of our 2 storey garages you are also free to use the additional space as you see fit. Set up a home office or install that home gym you’ve always wanted. Create a game room for the kids or use the 2nd storey apartment as a guest suite. 

In addition to all of that you also have the ability to add a log store to any of our oak frame garages to store as much or as little firewood as you need. Your log store can come off either side or the back of the garage, whatever best fits your needs. In short, our green oak garages will end up being perhaps the most beautiful and functional structure on your entire property.

Not Your Average Prefab Garage Kit

There are a number of places where you can purchase a prefabricated or modular garage, but only one place where you can get a stunning prefab 1, 2 or 3 car oak garage with log store made of 100% French green oak. Trade Oak Building Kits set the bar for all others to clear with our combination of top-quality materials, precision fabrication, and affordability.

Prefab or Bespoke Oak Garages

As we mentioned above, when one of our prefab oak garage kits is fitted out with the roofing, siding and decorative touches of your choice it has the air of a bespoke garage. However, sometimes the air of a bespoke garage simply is not enough. Sometimes a client will either need or want an actual bespoke oak garage with log store. 

Perhaps the area where they want to place the garage and log store is non-traditional in shape, or perhaps they simply want their garage to perfectly mirror the architectural motifs of the main house. Whatever the reason, we can design and build a bespoke garage with log store for you that will meet or exceed your most optimistic expectations.

Do You Need Planning Permission for an Oak Garage With Log Store?

It depends. In most areas, the county and local council will allow what is called "permitted development". These are projects that do not require planning permission. The kind of projects that typically fall into this category include:

  • Single storey rear extensions on a home. 
  • Porches that are less than 3 square meters in size.
  • Loft conversions and basement conversions.
  • Removing internal walls.
  • Installing solar panels.
  • Adding a dormer or roof lights.

In most areas, garage conversions are also considered permitted development, but building a new garage with or without a log store typically is not. Therefore, in most parts of the country, it is safe to assume you will need to get planning permission and to incorporate the 6 weeks or so it will take to receive that permission into your project planning. 

That said, if you live in a decidedly rural area there is an outside chance you may not need to obtain planning permission, so it’s imperative that you check with local authorities beforehand.

The Bottom Line

You can hire an architect and contractor to design and build your oak garage and log store from scratch, but why would you? You can obtain a world-class 1, 2 or 3 car garage of either 1 or 2 stories from Trade Oak Building Kits for significantly less. 

All of the components of our oak garage and log store kits are fashioned using our state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control machine or CNC. This machine produces cuts of astonishing accuracy, ensuring that all the parts of your new oak garage will fit together seamlessly. It’s this type of quality control that separates Trade Oak from the competition. To learn more call us on 01580 880344, or write to:

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Phenomenal product and service I cannot recommend Trade Oak Building Kits highly enough. From start to finish they have been extremely helpful and the quality of our barn is phenomenal.

Honestly, What a super service they deliver, Both of my bespoke items were delivered on the dot, I will definitely be using them again

Fantastic service James & Edward were incredibly helpful after another company had let me down. (...) I cannot recommend Trade Oak Building too highly!

I'd like to thank Trade Oak for an impeccable service from start to finish. (...) Next time I need an Oak Frame, I will be calling Trade Oak.

From the first point of contact everyone at Trust Oak has been very helpful and the finished product is just what we wanted. (...) I would highly recommend Trade Oak.

After looking to purchase an oak porch I came across Trade Oak frames, who from the start exceeded my expectations with there professional approach to the detail and design of my new Oak Porch.