Oak Framed Carport Kits

Barn Hip & Catslide One Bay Garage

One Bay Carport

Oak framed one-bay carport kits, compact and easy to assemble. Designed to suit the needs of any space. Available in a variety of configurations to suit.

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Two Bay Carport

Oak framed carport kits with space for the efficient storage of up to two vehicles. Available in a variety of designs compatible with on-site needs.

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3 bay garage cost

Three Bay Carport

Oak framed carport kits with three full bays for vehicles or other storage and workshop purposes. Available in a variety of configurations to suit.

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Bespoke Oak Framed Carport Kits

For a perfect, tailor-made fit, work together with our expert design team to create your own bespoke Oak Framed Carport Kit.

Oak Framed Car Ports

An oak framed car port and a garage will basically do the same thing, protect your car from the elements. So let’s look at the differences to help you decide which is best for you. 

The main function of a car port is to protect whatever is under it from the weather. This could be rain, strong sunlight or snow. It’s important that the car port looks attractive and compliments your house. Trade Oak car ports are made from high quality European green oak that looks great and will last for generations. 

An oak car port has open sides making access easy. It can be a stand alone building or attached to your house which can be handy when it’s raining because it allows you to get from your car and indoors without getting wet. It can also protect your vehicle from direct sunlight which can affect the bodywork. A car port allows air to circulate around a car, helping to dry moisture on your vehicle.

Depending on space and requirements the car port can have multiple bays and can include a closed area for storage.

The Oak Framed Garage

Trade Oak offer more than two dozen framing options for our oak frame garages, each of which can have a fully customised exterior and interior making it unique to you. Our in-house design team can design a garage tailored to your exact needs.

Trade Oak only use high quality European green oak timbers for the frame, rafters and studwork. Once built our oak buildings need minimal maintenance and will last for generations.

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Our Car Ports and Garage kits do not come with bricks or roofing material, allowing you to tailor the final look of your building. All frames are cut on demand to reduce the time between production and delivery to ensure all joints fit perfectly. The kits come with instructions for ease of assembly.

Whether you want a 1, 2 or 3 bay oak framed garage and whether you require a gable end, full hip, barn hip or catslide roof, Trade Oak have the oak framed building kit for you. Need a lofted room above your 1, 2 or 3 bay garage space? We have kits for that as well. 

Cost of an Oak Framed Garage

The cost of an oak framed garage will depend on many factors including whether you choose a 1, 2 or 3 bay garage and whether you choose a single-storey garage or choose a room or lofted room above the garage space. The style of roof covering will also affect the price. The difference in cost between a single-storey, 1 bay design and a 3 bay oak garage with a lofted room above is significant so contact the team at Trade Oak for pricing specifics.

Maintaining an Oak Framed Carport

Oak is typically a low-maintenance construction material which is one reason it has remained so popular over the centuries. However, continuous exposure to the elements will change the appearance of an untreated oak carport. Regular exposure to sunlight will give the wood a silvery finish, while rain can cause oak buildings to take on a blackened appearance.

Some people are fond of the way their oak carport weathers over time while others would like to retain a consistent look for their oak carport. Maintaining a consistent natural appearance, however, can be tricky as it will require some type of treatment, which itself alters the natural appearance of oak buildings. Even clear treatments tend to darken the natural tone of the wood.

Nonetheless, clear treatments will come as close as any finish can to preserving the natural look of your oak framed building. An oil-based clear treatment is your best bet because it will block UV light from causing the silvery effect and the oils in the sealant will prevent water penetration and the blackening of the oak caused by rain.

How to Build an Oak Frame Carport

Planning Permission Considerations

Many of our customers have questions about whether an oak framed garage or oak carport needs planning permission.

In most cases single storey oak framed garages and car ports don’t need planning permission, but it’s always best to check by visiting www.planningpernission.co.uk It could save time and give you peace of mind. However, if your home is in a designated area, including a Conservation Area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or on Green Belt land, you may need to apply for planning permission.

The Bespoke Carport or Oak Framed Garage

At Trade Oak we can build an oak framed car port to your exact size and specification. Our expert team of designers will work with you to produce a car port that complements your existing space and other structures. We will deliver your oak car port kit ready for easy, stress free assembly.

If our ready-made oak buildings do not dovetail with the particulars of your property we can also design a one-of-a-kind oak framed garage that will satisfy your needs and enhance the appearance and value of your property. For oak buildings like this, it is possible you may have to submit planning drawings for approval. But again, it's best to visit www.planningpernission.co.uk to find out for sure.

Oak buildings have been a mainstay of British life for 2,000 years. The Romans introduced oak buildings as we recognise them to Britain in the first century AD complete with jointing techniques that are still in use today. Trade Oak are proud to carry on this tradition with our ready-made oak buildings. To learn more about whether oak buildings are right for you contact the team at Trade Oak today.

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