Brilliant Oak Garden Rooms

Oak garden rooms by Trade Oak Building Kits are an ideal way to expand and enrich your domestic experience. They add extra living space, can be put to virtually any type of use, and are made using durable, high-quality green oak wood. Create a home office, a detached gaming room for the kids, a workshop to indulge your creativity or a clubhouse by the pool. Whatever you can imagine our oak framed garden structures can provide. 


For that perfect, tailor-made fit, work together with our expert design team to create your own bespoke oak garden room.

Versatile, Beautiful Oak Garden Rooms

oak framed garage with room above

Oak framed structures by Trade Oak Building Kits are engineered to exacting standards with the various components fashioned using our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutting machine. The precision built into our process, combined with the impressive strength and durability of the green oak, ensures an unparalleled degree of structural integrity. Your oak frame garden room will provide a significant bump to your property's value and stand the test of time the way only old-world craftsmanship can.

Benefits of Oak Framed Garden Rooms

Versatile and timeless it extends your living space to previously unused sections of your property, tying together house and yard while also opening up myriad landscaping possibilities. In addition, our oak garden structures…

garden rooms
  • Enable you to create the ideal home office - Imagine taking your coffee in the kitchen and then slipping out into your oak garden office with its vaulted ceilings. No more traffic jams or rude commuters on the Tube. 
  • Put the finishing touch to your pool area - If you are looking for a way to complete the pool area, green oak garden structures are a perfect choice. Serve food and drinks inside, have a flat-screen TV set up so guests can watch the big match while they're taking a break from the sun. The possibilities are endless.
  • Are a great way to keep the kids close to home - If you have teenagers who are always going out to who knows where an oak garden room can be the perfect inducement for them to stay closer to home. Set it up as a gaming room for them and youll always know where they are.
  • Make for the perfect home gym - Setting up exercise equipment inside the house takes up valuable space, and working out can be disruptive if others are trying to sleep. An oak garden room makes for the perfect home gym. Youll work out in peace and comfort without disturbing anyone.
  • Empower your creative spirit - Green oak garden structures can be put to a variety of uses but maybe none so rewarding as your workshop or art studio. Indulge your creative spirit free from the distractions of the house in your oak frame extension.
  • Can provide accommodations for overnight guests - Having friends and family over during the holidays or on other special occasions is always rewarding. But it can present challenges when it comes to accommodating them overnight, or for multiple nights. If you have a spare bed you can place it in the garden room and provide the ultimate in overnight accommodations for your guests. 
  • Allow you to earn extra income - If for some reason you find you are not using the garden room as often as you anticipated you might consider leaving that spare bed in place and advertising the garden room on Airbnb. It’s a great way to earn some extra money while the garden room is underutilized. Just be sure you check with the local authority before listing your garden room as there may be restrictions or requirements in place that you’ll need to satisfy.
  • May be the most versatile component of your property -  A garden room is a much more cost-effective alternative to an prohibitively expensive home extension and can be erected and finished much faster. Considering all the potential uses it will provide and the fact that it can be repurposed over and over as the years pass, it is likely to become the most versatile aspect of your entire property.

Our green oak garden structures provide year-round utility, beauty and enjoyment. Fit yours out with whatever features you want and revel in the benefits.

Why So Many Choose Trade Oak Building Kits

A growing number of people nationwide are catching on to the extraordinary benefits and value of oak garden rooms from Trade Oak Building Kits. They are also discovering that, because we work so hard to keep overhead low, these amazing structures are far more affordable than they ever imagined. But keeping costs down would not mean much if our oak framed garden buildings were not also:

  • Fashioned From the Highest Quality Green Oak - Our oak garden rooms are crafted from sustainably grown French green oak. It is an incredibly strong and durable all-natural material that provides our oak framed buildings with timeless appeal and lasting value.
  • Constructed on Time and Within Budget - Hire an independent contractor to design and build an equivalent structure and you will no doubt encounter numerous cost overruns and project delays. That will not happen with Trade Oak Building Kits.
  • Engineered to Precision Standards - As we mentioned earlier, our oak garden structures are fashioned with the help of leading-edge technology in the form of our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. This enables us to produce the highest possible degree of structural integrity.

Learn More About Oak Frame Garden Rooms

oak gardens room

A precision-crafted oak garden room will provide an array of benefits both obvious and subtle and will enhance your home life from the moment it is completed. Whether you need a home office, a creative space, a gaming room for the kids or the ideal home gym, our oak garden rooms are the ideal solution.

Oak Framed Garden Room Considerations

An oak framed garden room, designed and built using traditional methods will be a valuable addition to your property for decades to come. Most garden rooms are fully insulated, with all the latest electronic conveniences and in many cases plumbing as well. The contemporary garden room then combines all that is best about traditional construction materials with those aspects of modern construction that make structures so comfortable and livable.

All that said there are a number of considerations you should be mindful of when planning to erect a traditional green oak garden room on your property.

The Importance of Picking the Right Supplier

Before you do anything else you need to make sure you choose the right supplier for your oak framed garden room. The oak frames must be of the highest quality green oak harvested from sustainable sources and fashioned using precise methods. The oak frames should not be treated by the supplier, though you may wish to do so yourself to preserve the look of the oak.

The supplier should have a rock-solid reputation and offer a variety of different ready-made designs as well as bespoke garden room design services, if that is what you want. Trade Oak are an industry leader with a reputation for producing the highest quality oak building kits and standing by our customers at every stage of the construction process to ensure their ultimate satisfaction. All our garden rooms are crafted to the highest standards.

Do You Want a Rustic Style or Something More Contemporary?

With an oak garden room building kit from Trade Oak, you will have the option of finishing your garden room in either a rustic or a contemporary fashion. The beauty and versatility of our green oak components enables them to dovetail with minimalist as well as more traditional architectural sensibilities. Flood your space with natural light using a glazed gable or minimize window space to create a cosier atmosphere. It's entirely up to you.

You Might Need Permission From Your Local Authority

As a general rule, a garden room can be constructed on private property without any special permission from the development management team of your local authority. There are, however, exceptions and you should never assume everything will work out hunky dory. If your house is a listed structure or located in a conservation area you will definitely need permission to build a garden room on the property. Likewise, if you have any plans to make the structure taller than 2.5 metres or have it occupy most of your garden space you will also need permission.

Will You be Using the Garden Room Year Round?

Not everyone puts their garden room to year-round use. Some use it primarily during the warm weather months for entertaining or simply relaxing in the garden on the weekend. If you do not plan to use the garden room very much during the cold weather months robust insulation will not be necessary. That said, should you change your mind at some later date you can always upgrade your exterior wall and roof insulation with little trouble.

Do You Want an Attached or Stand-Alone Structure?

Although you will likely need permission from the local authority to create a garden room extension that is attached directly to your house it is an option you might want to consider. Stand-alone garden rooms provide an array of unique benefits but some people like the idea of the garden room extension as it enhances the livability of the main house.

Exposed Oak Frames Indoors Make for a Compelling Experience

Many homeowners finish the interior of their garden rooms in a way that covers most of the beautiful oaken framework. And that’s fine. However, you might want to consider leaving some of it exposed to create a more rustic interior that celebrates the timeless qualities of this traditional building material.

Common Garden Room FAQ's

What is a garden room?

A garden room is a separate structure from the main house erected in a property’s garden area. The best garden rooms are typically oak framed garden rooms that are versatile, beautiful and with proper care can potentially last for centuries. 

Most oak framed garden rooms are insulated and fully finished both inside and out with electrical access, heating, double-glazed windows and high-quality exterior cladding and roofing. It is this level of finish that separates the garden room from other structures on a property.

The goal is to make the garden room feel every bit as comfortable and livable as the main house, although actually living in the space full-time would require the approval of your local authority and that can be quite a lengthy and tricky process. 

oak garden room

How much does an oak garden room cost?

The exact cost of a garden room is hard to pin down for a variety of reasons. Not all garden rooms are the same size and the larger, the more expensive. But beyond the cost of the oak framed garden room building kit from Trade Oak the final cost will depend almost entirely on how you decide to finish this type of oak framed building. 

Different roofing materials, different types of siding, wooden or glass doors, the number of windows, any skylights and more will all impact the final cost. Your best bet is to talk to the experts at Trade Oak who can provide you with some ballpark figures based on what you want from your oak framed garden room.  

Do you need planning permission for an oak framed garden room?

In most cases, planning permission will not be required to erect a garden room on your property. Oak framed garden rooms are typically categorised as “permitted development” by local authorities and do not require special permission to go ahead as long as they: 

  • Are not more than 2.5 metres in height from ground level to the top of the roof.
  • That they do not occupy more than 50% of the garden area on the existing property.
  • That they are not used for living or as a regular bedroom.

That last point sets up our next question quite nicely…

Do you need planning permission for people to stay overnight in a garden room?

Garden Room

If you want to use your new oak framed garden room as a spare bedroom for family or overnight guests you will need to get proper permission from the development management team of your local authority. If you choose to pursue this route you will need to declare how you intend to use the structure to both local authorities and your neighbours. 

It’s best to get these details ironed out before you start building your oak framed garden room as attempting to retrofit the structure to meet a different purpose than originally stated can be problematic in many respects. Neighbours may raise questions about whether you were being up-front with them from the start. The development management team of your local authority may require multiple hearings on the matter or simply reject your request outright.

If you hope to use the oak framed garden room as a spare bedroom or as a space to rent out on Airbnb or other platforms you will need to follow these steps:

  • Get in touch with the planning office
  • Complete any and all required forms
  • Provide details of the garden room (size, materials, etc)
  • Provide site drawings
  • Provide an ordnance map (a site survey)
  • Tell them exactly how you intend to use it

If you only want to sleep in the garden room from time to time as a change of pace there is no reason to alert the planning commission or your neighbours. However, if you want to turn the garden room into a bona fide living space it must comply with local regulations. Going ahead with your plans without getting adequate approval could result in an order to remove the structure entirely.

The Oak Framed Garden Room You Want

If you have decided to add a beautiful bespoke garden room or garage with oak frames to your property it’s time to call the experts at Trade Oak Building Kits. We have the ready-made garden room or garage you’ve been looking for meticulously crafted from traditional green oak for easy assembly. Your garage or garden room will stand the test of time while adding beauty and value to your property. To learn more call the team at Trade Oak today or get in touch using the contact form on our website.


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