Bespoke Oak Framed Porch Kits

Transform the entrance of your home or business into a statement of elegance and charm with Trade Oak's Bespoke Oak Porches. Crafted from the finest European green oak, our porches are not just an addition to your property; they are a testament to timeless style and functionality.

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Explore Our Oak Porch Collection

Explore our standard oak porch designs or embark on a creative journey with our experts to craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Your dream porch, your way.

Need a custom design?

For that perfect, tailor-made fit, work together with our expert design team to create your own bespoke oak porch kit.

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Refined, Stylish and Durable

Our oak frame porch kit is simple in concept, precise in its execution and timeless in its appeal. We take the highest quality materials, (including oak beams and traditional joints), and employ state-of-the-art cutting technology to craft a timeless architectural element at a price most contractors cannot touch.


Expertly Crafted, Easy to Install

At Trade Oak Building Kits we are more interested in creating products that we are proud of, rather than those that can be quickly stamped out to optimise profits. We pour our heart and soul into every garage, gazebo, pergola and porch, maximising simple, elegant design cues and getting the most from the French green oak timber.

When you choose an oak framed porch kit from Trade Oak you can be certain that:



We take what we do seriously, we strive daily to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and we have a commitment to quality that is rare in today’s day and age.

Oak Porch FAQ
How can I get trade prices if I’m not a builder?

For over 11 years, we have proudly manufactured top-quality oak frames for builders, developers, and small regional oak framing companies. A few years ago, a builder asked us to make him a double garage for his own property. Once the frame was delivered and our fitting team put it up, he told us that years before, he had bought another oak frame, a garden room, from a large retail facing oak frame company – it had cost him and arm and a leg. When they came to site, he was disappointed to discover the company relied heavily on subcontractors for groundworks, frame installation, and roofing. So, he said to us, “you guys have the same offering as the retail company but at a fraction of the price, I just need to sort my own groundworks and tiling”. So, we started offering our products to self-builders. We don’t have the overheads of sales people on commission, or in-house project managers, and we are still happy to be busy at trade margins. It’s a win-win!

Do I need planning permission for an oak porch?

The need for planning permission depends on various factors, such as the size and location of the oak porch as well as the rules of your local council. We can guide you through the planning permission process and provide advice specific to your project.

Do you offer a planning service?

Yes. Once we advise on whether you need planning, we work with a nation-wide strategic partner to offer a price match guarantee on the planning application service itself.

Can you provide customisation options for my oak porch?

Absolutely! We understand that every self-builder has unique requirements and preferences. Our team of experts specialises in creating bespoke oak porch tailored to your specific needs. We offer a wide range of customisation options, including size, section sizes, and style. We will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and deliver an oak porch that matches your exact specifications.

Do I have to pay up front?

We understand your concerns about upfront payments and the security of your investment. Our payment terms are designed to offer peace of mind and protect your interests. We typically require a deposit to initiate the project, with the remaining balance payable just prior to delivery and if we are fitting, balance is due on completion.

Do you offer any guarantees on the project?

Of course. We offer a manufacturer’s warranty that’s really simple, if any component has an issue that makes it unfit for purpose structurally, we replace it with no quibbles. We pride ourselves on our reputation and word of mouth is a critical part of our success. We don’t leave our customers out to dry when it comes to customer service.

Can you provide visual representations of the final product?

Yes, we understand the importance of visualising the final result. We can provide detailed renderings, 3D models even augmented reality to help you visualise your oak pergola before construction begins. These visual representations will assist you in making informed decisions and ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

How can I get in touch with your team to discuss my specific needs?

We are here to assist you with any inquiries or to discuss your specific needs. Ideally, just fill in the form above, then you can browse our product range. You can also reach our sales team by phone at 01580 880344 or by email at We are available to schedule a consultation at your convenience and help you take the first steps toward building your dream oak porch.

How much does an oak porch cost?

This is one of the most common questions we get and it’s understandable why people would want to know this upfront. After all, in a plastic and synthetic world real materials can sometimes be prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, because we buy in such large quantities, strive to keep our overhead low and use the most reliable CNC computer controlled milling machines to make our cuts (thereby preventing wasted wood) the cost of a Trade Oak porch is less than most people think. Still, prices will vary to some degree based on factors such as how far the materials need to be delivered, whether the customer assembles the porch kit or hires someone else to do so and whether the customer has requested a bespoke design.

For general reference purposes here are some ballpark figures regarding the cost of an oak porch in the UK.



Remember the prices listed above are for general reference only and should not be considered etched in stone or taken at face value. They are presented only to provide you with a general idea of potential baseline costs.

Do you need planning permission for an oak porch?

In many cases, a new oak porch will fall under the category of permitted development. That means you do not have to seek planning permission before you start work. There are, however, certain conditions you must be aware of. If your porch fails to adhere to these conditions you will need to get planning permission before starting work.

Permitted development guidelines for oak framed porches

The footprint of the porch cannot exceed 3 square metres (1.5 x 1.5 m). This measurement must be taken to the outside edge of the porch components. Any larger than 3 square metres and you will need planning permission.

If your porch has a flat or single pitch roof the height cannot exceed 3 metres. If your porch has a dual-pitched roof it must not exceed 3.5 meters high. This is measured from the floor of the porch to the highest point on the roof.

The exterior boundary of any porch must be at least 2 metres from the edge of the enclosed ground enclosing the house. On most properties, this is marked by a fence or wall. It must also be at least 2 metres from the edge of any public road, byway, bridleway or footpath.

The porch must be similar in appearance to the rest of the house. If the design of the porch clashes with the house it may be considered an eyesore and you may be ordered to remove it. In short, all new additions must conform to the established aesthetics of the property.

As long as your oak porch does not violate any of these guidelines it will be considered permitted development and not need planning permission.


What do I need to do to maintain my oak porch?

Oak is extremely low maintenance so there is no compelling reason to treat it with anything. It will stand up just fine to the elements, although it will change colour somewhat over time as water, sun and temperature have at it. If you are intent on maintaining the original look of the oak over time you may want to treat it with a UV protecting brush-on treatment.

How do you treat oak porches?

One of the most important things to keep an eye on is that water is not allowed to pool on the oak surface. While oak is naturally resistant to damage from rain and snow, standing water is more problematic. Also, try and keep the surface of the oak clean and don’t place flower pots directly onto the oak surface. If you have plants hanging from the oak rafters make sure they’re not constantly dripping water onto other oak elements below.

How long do oak framed porches last?

If properly cared for oak porches and other oak structures can last for centuries. Oak is extremely dense and strong, water resistant and temperature resistant. A prime example of the longevity of oak is the oak door on the side of Westminster Abbey in London. It is believed to be at least 950 years old and is still in use.

The Bottom Line

In many cases, a simple, elegant oak-framed porch is all it takes to activate the front of a house and give it a homier, more welcoming air. With our oak frame porch kit, you have total control over the final look which can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. In many cases, the installation of an oak framed porch from Trade Oak will not require planning permission.

Make sure to look through our line of bespoke oak porches, and if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.