Oak Framed Outbuildings

Trade Oak outbuildings are crafted from the highest-quality materials, engineered to exacting tolerances and built to stand the test of time. You have your choice of a prefabricated building kit that can be assembled by yourself or a contractor, or a bespoke outbuilding designed to fulfil your specific practical and aesthetic needs. Our oak framed outbuildings are as versatile and functional as they are beautiful, so if your plans call for adding an outbuilding to your residential or commercial property your first call should be to Trade Oak.

Barn Hip & Catslide One Bay Garage

One Bay Outbuildings

Oak framed one-bay outbuildings, compact and easy to assemble. Designed to suit the needs of any space. Available in a variety of configurations to suit.

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Two Bay Outbuildings

Oak framed Outbuildings with space for the efficient storage of up to two vehicles. Available in a variety of designs compatible with on-site needs.

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ready made oak garage 3 bay

Three Bay Outbuildings

Oak framed Outbuildings with three full bays for vehicles or other storage and workshop purposes. Available in a variety of configurations to suit.

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two storey ready made oak garage

Two Storey Outbuildings

Two storey Outbuildings from Trade Oak Building Kits provide much needed live/work space while adding beauty and value to any property.

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Bespoke Oak Framed Outbuildings

For a perfect, tailor-made fit, work together with our expert design team to create your own bespoke Oak Framed Outbuilding.

1, 2 and 3-Bay Outbuildings

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Our 1, 2 and 3-bay, single or two-storey oak building kits are remarkably versatile and can be adapted to fulfil any need. Because you are free to finish both interior and exterior in whichever way you see fit you can be sure your oak framed outbuilding will work in harmony with the other structures on your property. All of our outbuilding kits are designed to vernacular proportions while exuding a timeless quality that defies simple categorisation. You also have the option to combine two or more oak structures to create compelling combinations.

Our oak framed building kits are hewn from French green oak and utilise traditional joinery methods. Our bay system enables optimal design versatility that allows you to segment to your heart’s content without compromising the overall look and feel of the building. The resulting structure is a model of cost-effectiveness. 

The level of aesthetic freedom you will enjoy with one of our oak framed outbuildings is impressive. You can fit out the structure with whatever doors, windows, roofing materials, insulation, cladding, lighting, internal partitions and flooring you choose. If you select a multi-storey outbuilding you can expand on the functionality of the structure and maximize the potential of the footprint.

Bespoke Outbuildings

If one of our prefabricate oak framed outbuildings does not dovetail with your plans our crack design team can create a bespoke outbuilding that will suit your needs to a T. Regardless of the demands of the site we can fashion a one-of-a-kind oak outbuilding that will nestle into place while checking every box on your functional wish list. 

Like every one of our prefabricated oak building kits, a bespoke oak framed outbuilding from Trade Oak is fashioned from green oak harvested in a sustainable manner from forests that adhere to PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) standards. Our workshop process is designed to generate minimal waste and our computer numerical control (CNC) timber frame joinery machine ensures all cuts are accurate to millimetres.

Whether you need a bespoke structure to provide year-round shielding for your inground pool, or you need a new stable for your equine friends or you want to join a multi-bay garage with second-storey living quarters to your existing home, the team at Trade Oak have the skills and experience to see it done.

The Trade Oak Way

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Trade Oak is a family-run business that eschews the impersonal approach you will find at some of our larger, corporate-owned competitors. Our only goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We achieve that goal by partnering with our clients, listening intently to their needs and aspirations and working with them every step of the way. As such we ensure the oak framed outbuilding they end up with is exactly what they need and that it fulfils the vision they laid out at the beginning of the process.

Oak Framed Outbuildings by Trade Oak: The Smart Choice

An oak framed outbuilding by Trade Oak will enhance the value of your property for decades to come while at the same time providing the added functionality you need. The beauty and durability of our oak framed structures is without parallel and their versatility is such that if your needs change down the line you can repurpose the outbuilding quickly and effectively.

If your plans call for the raising of a complementary structure on your property contact the team at Trade Oak. If you are like most people you will find working with us to be a delightfully simple, no-pressure experience. To learn more about our oak framed outbuildings get in touch by filling out the contact form on our website, or by calling 01580 880344 during regular business hours.

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