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The lean to is a simple design of oak framed structure that stands against (or leans to) an existing building and provides an extra space that can be covered or left open and even have plants added. Trade Oak’s designs involve the use of green oak timber that is durable and high quality while the jointing is done in traditional styles.

Sturdy & well constructed

  • 100% high quality Green Oak timbers – no softwoods, only QP1/A High Grade French Oak
  • Hard-wearing and weather-resistant materials
  • Designed with precision for stress-free, easy assembly on site
  • Best trade prices guaranteed
  • Choose from the options available here, or allow our bespoke design service to create the perfect structure to suit your needs.

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    An oak lean-to is a simple architectural element designed to provide basic coverage for garden equipment, cordwood or whatever else you feel is best not exposed completely to the elements. Our DIY oak lean-to kit makes adding a lean-to to your home or business a simple, cost-effective proposition and one that will pay handsome dividends for years to come.

    Our oak leans to features an oak timber frame and traditional jointing and comes with comprehensive assembly instructions. Because of the precise nature of the engineering involved, anyone who is reasonably competent with hand tools should be able to assemble them in short order.

    The Protection You Want at Best Trade Prices

    Not every situation calls for a shed or the construction of a garage. Sometimes all you need is some simple, high-quality coverage. Our oak lean-to is fashioned from high-grade French green oak that will repel the elements and stand the test of time.

    Each piece of oak we use is cut to exacting tolerances by our Computer Numerical Control machine. This ensures a precise fit and a high degree of structural integrity in the finished product. Once assembled you can cover the roof pitch in cedar shingles if indeed that is what youre after. But be aware our oak lean-to also makes quite a nice support structure for morning glory or other types of vining plants.

    When you choose an oak lean-to kit from Trade Oak you can rest assured that:

    • Your oak lean-to will assemble quickly and without any hassles.
    • Every component will be fashioned from the highest quality material.
    • Those components will fit together snugly and retain their viability for decades.
    • You will be able to customise your lean-to as you wish.

    At Trade Oak Building Kits our only concern is creating beautiful, highly functional oak framed garden rooms, offices, garages and landscaping elements that enhance our customersquality of life. Our oak lean-to kit fits neatly into that mission.

    Get in Touch With Trade Oak

    Not everyone needs a garage or shed to accommodate their garden equipment or to cover their trash bins. Sometimes all you need is a high-quality DIY oak lean-to. Enhance the functionality of your home at a cost that won't empty your bank account with a beautiful green oak lean-to from Trade Oak Building Kits. Please contact us with any questions or to order an oak lean-to for your property.

    For standard kits, delivery is 4-6 weeks from cleared funds of 70% deposit. For modified kits, delivery is 4-6 weeks from signed off isometric drawings (these begin production on order and usually take 1 week).

    We deliver using a HIAB. However, if you have your own lifting equipment (e.g. a forklift) you can request a Curtain vehicle for a lower price. If you order a Curtain you are responsible for unloading.

    Each frame we supply comes with a full isometric drawing, with numbered components. The physical frame has corresponding labels matching the drawing. Therefore, these drawings serve as an assembly guide, but if you have specific questions, we are happy to answer them over the phone.