Oak Framed Gazebo Kits

At Trade Oak Building Kits we offer a variety of DIY oak gazebo kits crafted from high-quality French green oak timber and precision-engineered to last a lifetime. From simple 4 post full hip oak designs to 6 post gable end kits that are perfect for your outdoor kitchen, an oak gazebo kit from Trade Oak will transform the way you experience your property for the better and open up numerous options when it comes to outdoor entertaining. They can be roofed to provide shelter, serve as excellent frames for growing plants, or a provide an attractive centrepiece to an elegant garden design.

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Free Delivery
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Trade Prices
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Explore Our Oak Gazebo Collection

Explore our standard oak gazebo designs or embark on a creative journey with our experts to craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Your dream gazebo, your way.

Need a custom design?

For that perfect, tailor-made fit, work together with our expert design team to create your own bespoke oak gazebo kit.

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The Oak Gazebo Kit: The Nexus of Aesthetics and Functionality

An oak gazebo kit from Trade Oak can transform your patio into a dazzling backyard entertaining space. Alternatively, an oak gazebo/in-ground pool combination will ooze refinement. If your outdoor aspirations tend toward the culinary, you can create an oak gazebo outdoor kitchen that will be the envy of your holiday guests.


What You Can Expect From Our DIY Oak Gazebo Kit

The Bottom Line

An oak gazebo can enhance your property in both aesthetic and practical ways. Oak framed gazebos are a simple and elegant way to create a focal point in your yard, provide cover for cooking or seating (or both), promote the growth of vining plants and put the finishing touch on your garden design. Contact Trade Oak to learn more.

Oak Gazebo FAQ
How can I get trade prices if I’m not a builder?

For over 11 years, we have proudly manufactured top-quality oak frames for builders, developers, and small regional oak framing companies. A few years ago, a builder asked us to make him a double garage for his own property. Once the frame was delivered and our fitting team put it up, he told us that years before, he had bought another oak frame, a garden room, from a large retail facing oak frame company – it had cost him and arm and a leg. When they came to site, he was disappointed to discover the company relied heavily on subcontractors for groundworks, frame installation, and roofing. So, he said to us, “you guys have the same offering as the retail company but at a fraction of the price, I just need to sort my own groundworks and tiling”. So, we started offering our products to self-builders. We don’t have the overheads of sales people on commission, or in-house project managers, and we are still happy to be busy at trade margins. It’s a win-win!

Do I need planning permission for an oak gazebo?

Often not. Particularly if you are locating it over 2m from a boundary. However, the need for planning permission depends on various factors, such as the size and location of the oak gazebo. We can guide you through the planning permission process and provide advice specific to your project.

Do you offer a planning service?

Yes. Once we advise on whether you need planning, we work with a nation-wide strategic partner to offer a price match guarantee on the planning application service itself.

Can you provide customisation options for my oak gazebo?

Absolutely! We understand that every self-builder has unique requirements and preferences. Our team of experts specialises in creating bespoke oak gazebos tailored to your specific needs. We offer a wide range of customisation options, including size, section sizes, style, roofing, even windows and doors. We will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and deliver an oak gazebo that matches your exact specifications.

Do I have to pay up front?

We understand your concerns about upfront payments and the security of your investment. Our payment terms are designed to offer peace of mind and protect your interests. We typically require a deposit to initiate the project, with the remaining balance payable just prior to delivery and if we are fitting, balance is due on completion.

Do you offer any guarantees on the project?

Of course. We offer a manufacturer’s warranty that’s really simple, if any component has an issue that makes it unfit for purpose structurally, we replace it with no quibbles. We pride ourselves on our reputation and word of mouth is a critical part of our success. We don’t leave our customers out to dry when it comes to customer service.

Can you provide visual representations of the final product?

Yes, we understand the importance of visualising the final result. We can provide detailed renderings, 3D models even augmented reality to help you visualise your oak gazebo before construction begins. These visual representations will assist you in making informed decisions and ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

How can I get in touch with your team to discuss my specific needs?

We are here to assist you with any inquiries or to discuss your specific needs. Ideally, just fill in the form above, then you can browse our product range. You can also reach our sales team by phone at 01580 880344 or by email at inbox@tradeoak.com We are available to schedule a consultation at your convenience and help you take the first steps toward building your dream oak gazebo.

How long will my oak framed gazebo last?

Barring catastrophe such as a fire, you can reasonably expect an oak framed gazebo to be standing when your grandchildren inherit your property. Keep in mind that while it is not absolutely necessary you do have the option of treating the oak with various finishes, which will likely extend its life expectancy to an even greater degree.

What about delivery and installation?

We provide free delivery to many locations so be sure to ask when inquiring about an oak gazebo for your property. Upon delivery, we make sure all the components are carefully unloaded so as to avoid damage. Each oak gazebo kit comes with comprehensive instructions that will allow the gazebo to be assembled by an experienced DIYer or a construction contractor of the customer's choice. In most cases, your oak gazebo can be assembled in a single day.

About Our Oak Framed Gazebo Kits

A lot of thought, research and effort went into the creation of our oak framed gazebo kits. We spared no effort or expense to determine optimal design parameters and to acquire the state-of-the-art machinery needed to transform rough-hewn oak logs into the meticulously crafted components of these dazzling, timeless landscape elements. Every consideration has been thoroughly weighed by our designers and engineers with the result being oak gazebo kits that can be quickly and easily assembled, but which will look and last as though they were created by hand over the course of many months.

Bespoke Oak Framed Gazebo Kits

Our oak gazebo kits are versatile and easily customizable. At the same time, we understand that some customers will want something a little more closely aligned with their personal tastes or that will fit comfortably into a non-traditional space. In such instances, our designers are happy to work with the customer to design and fabricate a bespoke oak gazebo that will serve their specific needs.


Reimagine Your Back Garden with an Oak Framed Gazebo


If you have been gazing out the window at your garden wondering what you can do to bring it to life without making wholesale changes consider an oak gazebo kit from Trade Oak. An oak gazebo can serve as a kind of landscaping keystone that activates and supports other elements of the garden while at the same time providing a sense of wonder and timeless beauty all its own.

Features and Benefits of Oak Gazebos

The oak framed gazebo inherits the features of the French green oak used to create it. That means it has inherent natural beauty, it exudes strength and permanence, it requires very little by way of maintenance, it is unlikely to become a target of pests and it will stand up to whatever the fickle and often harsh UK weather decides to throw its way.


The benefits of installing an oak framed gazebo on your property are also many and include:


  • Enhanced property value: Adding an oak framed gazebo to your property will add beauty and functionality to your property while also enhancing your home’s curb appeal and value.
  • Expanded entertainment possibilities: Oak framed gazebos are ideal for hosting parties or providing a stage from which to entertain a large gathering.
  • Versatility: Use your oak gazebo as a refuge from the cares of the world. Enclose it to create a full-on garden retreat, or outfit it with a hot tub in which to relax and unwind.
  • Durability: The useful life of green oak is typically measured not in years or decades, but centuries.
  • Easy customization: Above we alluded to the many ways you can put your oak gazebo to work. This type of easy customization is one of its most sought-after benefits.

All the Ways an Oak Gazebo Can Help You Create Your Perfect Garden

If your goal is to create the perfect garden experience on your property an oak framed gazebo should be the central element of your overall plan, here’s why:



All the Ways Businesses Can Put Oak Framed Gazebos to Productive Use


Oak framed gazebos from Trade Oak serve a wide variety of purposes for our residential customers. But they can also serve a variety of commercial purposes as well. Here are some of the ways businesses put our oak gazebos to work for them: