7 reasons an oak garden room creates the perfect work environment

oak garden room

An oak garden room is one of the most idyllic environments you can work in, from the obvious peaceful space it offers, to the more practical and financial advantages it provides.

According to the Office of National Statistics, in April 2020, almost 50% of employed people carried out some form of homeworking. As our lifestyles change, we have become increasingly aware of the benefits home offices provide, and more specifically, the perks of garden rooms. So, what are the distinct benefits garden rooms offer for a positive and productive working environment? Let’s find out more…

Garden rooms improve your surroundings

What could be more tranquillity-inducing than the sight of your hydrangeas starting to blossom, or the fragrance of your freshly mowed lawn? Nature is one of the best ways of getting your mind relaxed and ready for the start of a new working day. The serenity of your working environment can equate to greater productivity, improved levels of concentration and it can help to decrease mental tiredness too.

You can say goodbye to the dreaded commute

Our working environment is not just about what happens when we are at work, but what we do before and after too. With zero travel to work required, you can afford that little extra time to make yourself that pre-work cuppa or that longed for latte before switching on your laptop. Also, venturing out into the rain on those inevitable dark November days can be daunting, but with a  garden room as your destination, your journey to work is effortless and your day has already started on a positive note.

Garden rooms give you space

Because your oak garden room is not attached to your house, the distance, however small, allows for greater levels of privacy and peace. A home office inside your house is filled with potential noises and distractions, whether it’s the sight of the increasing pile of laundry, the mound of breakfast bowls in the sink, or the unprompted phone calls and visitors at the door. With a garden office, you can lock the door, draw the blinds and feel peaceful and productive in your work place surroundings. Sounds are drowned out and you will feel accomplished and ready to unwind in your separate ‘home’ space at the end of the day.

Many different professions can work from a garden room

A garden room is not just an ideal place for office workers, it’s also a perfect space for lots of different professionals who can work from home. Beauty therapists can use garden rooms to administer treatments, counsellors and tutors can offer private sessions, and those with crafting or art/design businesses can also use the room to be creative. You can keep any untidiness and work-related clutter out of your home and maintain that work-focussed environment in your garden room.

They are easily connected and powered

Getting your garden room connected to the Wi-fi or an electricity supply is normally a simple process, and it is essential for making your working environment warm, well lit, practical and comfortable. With so many Zoom calls to be had, emails to be responded to and dark afternoons to light up and warm up, having power is a must for the best work-place surroundings.

Garden rooms do not take long to build

If you’re currently working in a small spare bedroom or a confined attic space inside your house, you can improve your working environment within a short space of time. Garden rooms do not require heavy building work with lots of different professionals involved, they can be erected relatively swiftly, often within around 2 – 7 days. Usually (there can be exceptions) garden offices are exempt from planning permission rules too which can also speed up the process.

Garden rooms look good and don’t cost the earth

Finally, we cannot forget that oak garden rooms are a fantastic aesthetic addition to your garden, both inside and out. They do not cost as much as an extension and you can arrange your work space interior to your own personal taste. You can tailor your garden room on the outside too, ensuring it fits in with your style of garden or outdoor area.