Due to our state-of-the-art processing power and years of experiance in the industry we have the flexiblity of service to offer a timber solution to virtually any building problem. Due to our buying power we have the the economies of scale to offer that solution at a cost-effective price. Make more, cut less. It really is the no brainer it sounds. Nonetheless, here are a few frequently asked questions.

How much of the building does Trade Oak Building Kits supply?

Our expertise is in designing and cutting the principal timber frame and common rafters. In support of our this service, we work with a number of specialists in other areas who provide frame erection, roofing, groundwork, glass, glazing and joinery.

How long does it take?

We cut all our products on demand to best keep to your project deadlines - delivery is normally within 6 weeks.

Do you only use oak?

Mostly, yes. Although, call one of our sales staff if you have a specific request.

How long do timber frames last?

By combining good design and the appropriate timber species with modern building materials and techniques, there is no reason why with appropriate maintenance the frame should not last for hundreds of years.

How do I treat a timber frame?

We do not recommend the use of any chemical preservatives, however after 6 months, an oil or clear preservative can be used.

What's the largest / smallest frame Trade Oak Building Kits can supply?

The variety in the size and shape of timber frames is almost limitless. Our bespoke structures are individually designed and cut which means that smaller standard type frames may possibly be more economically supplied by way of a "kit" from another supplier. Once we have studied your drawings we will be happy to suggest other framing companies who we consider to be a more cost effective alternative.

Can a Timber Frame be used for a Swimming Pool building?

Yes. We have consulted TRADA who advise that the normal atmospheric levels of chlorine in an enclosed swimming pool building environment would not present any problems to timber frame elements.